Investments often play a key role in your financial security. A combination of registered and non-registered savings, income and pension plans can help achieve your short and long term goals.

For employee groups, we also offer advice on registered and non-registered savings and pension plans. We can assist with the following.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) should be considered by investors looking to put their hard-earned savings in an account that is more flexible than an RRSP but still offers tax benefits.

Either alone or combined with other financial products, a TFSA can help you build a strong financial portfolio.

  • Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes but all investment, growth, interest, and dividend income will never be taxed—even when withdrawn
  • After a waiting period, you can re-invest all money withdrawn from the account
  • Earnings in the account do not impact benefits that depend on income levels, like the Canada Child Tax Benefit
  • All Canadians aged 18 and older are eligible for a TFSA

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A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) has several advantages. For investors under 72, it can provide tax-deferred compounding of investment income and help accumulate savings to achieve long-term retirement goals. It also allows a variety of investment options—from GICs to mutual funds. For families with children, a registered education savings plan (RESP) can also help finance post-secondary education.

Some of the advantages of RRSPs and RESPs include:

  • Tax-deductible RRSP contributions (RESP contributions are not tax deductible, but grow tax-deferred)
  • Tax deferral of compounding income and growth
  • Based on a family’s net income and the amount contributed, a government RESP grant is available
  • When money is withdrawn from an RESP for post secondary education, the student typically pays little tax, due to his/her low income tax rate

We can examine RRSP and RESP investment options to build a customized portfolio taking into consideration your financial goals, tolerance, risk and timeline. Contact us today to find out more.

Segregated Fund Policies

In a segregated fund policy, professional fund managers invest in a variety of individual securities. Depending on the performance of the segregated funds selected, investment unit values will increase or decrease.

As a type of life insurance, a segregated fund policy has distinct advantages for some investors. These can include:

  • Potential for creditor protection;
  • Savings on potential probate fees; and
  • No trustee fees.

Amounts allocated to a segregated fund may increase or decrease in value, and are invested at the risk of the policyholder.

We have access to a variety of segregated funds. Contact us today for more information or to discuss how this option could strengthen your investment portfolio.

Group Retirement and Savings Plan

For a business owner, a group retirement and savings plan can help to attract and retain quality employees by helping them work towards a safe and secure future. A group plan can be provided either independently or paired with group benefits, and offers a convenient, flexible and affordable way to help employees reach their long-term financial goals.

For employee groups, we also offer advice on registered and non-registered savings and pension plans.

We can help you and your valued employees choose group retirement and savings products by designing an investment plan tailored to fit the needs of everyone involved. You can choose from products including:

  • A registered retirement savings plan designed specifically for your group;
  • Deferred profit sharing plan;
  • Defined contribution pension plan; and
  • Non-registered savings program(s).

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